Monday, May 6, 2013

Pictures from Brattonsville

First Post . . . In a Long Time

Thank you to everyone who in some way helped out with our 4th grade field trip to Brattonsville (I will post a few pictures soon). I believe everyone, children and adults, had a wonderful time on this trip. Though a little rainy, I couldn't have asked for a more well-behaved and attentive group of students. The docents in Brattonsville were awesome storytellers so you couldn't help being engulfed in their presentations. When Adam the slave was sharing his story, it took everything in me to hold back my tears. Truly, a wonderful experience. 

All this week will be PASS Testing. Please remember to make sure your child gets enough sleep and eats a good breakfast to keep their energy going. Tuesday will be the reading portions of PASS, math on Wednesday, science on Thursday, and social studies on Friday. Because of PASS Testing, I am also limiting the amount of homework going out. They will be bringing home their Everyday Math journal to work on some review in preparation of their math test. Since they are using their math journal, there will be nothing to turn in on Friday.

Scott Johnson