Monday, October 19, 2015

Information for this Week . . .

As you know this week is a shortened week (No school on Thursday and Friday). Because of the shortened week, I will not be sending home a homework packet.

For homework, students need to work on their Kahn Academy accounts for at least 30 minutes. I will be checking on their progress each day. If working on a computer is an issue, please contact me. I mainly would like students to work on math for at least 30 minutes. Students should also be reading for at least 30 minutes as well.

I have also been in contact with a few representatives from NASA and ScienceStarter, a website that promotes citizen science. They asked us if we were interested in a citizen science project they were promoting. Our job is to measure soil water content and upload the information to NASA. We are in need of a few items for this project:

  1. Old hot pads or oven mitts
  2. Empty, clean metal cans such as cat food cans, tuna cans, or pineapple cans
  3. A role of plastic wrap
  4. Trowel
  5. 3 plastic liter bottles