Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cell Model Project

Last week (Friday) we completed our models of our cell. The class was broken into four groups in which two groups made an animal cell and two groups made a plant cell. We spent a week in class putting our models together including researching information to label our cells and building our models. While models are often the end product once they are completed, I felt that when a model is built, it should lead to further understanding.

Instead of the group models being the end product, students are using their models to create test questions for the other groups. In other words, the plant cell group is putting together a quiz for the animal cell group and the animal cell group is putting together a quiz for the plant cell group. Those groups will then use the other group's models to help them study for their quiz. To make sure each group can adequately prepare, the models need to be accurate in their detail and information.

The most important part of this project is not the results of the test but the building of the model and thinking about possible test questions. To create a test and provide answers, group members have to have thorough knowledge of their topic in order to produce test questions which are accurate and reflective of their understanding.

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