Sunday, October 5, 2014

Information for the Week

The next few weeks are going to be busy. I try to keep my calendar on the blog updated but it helps to list things out:

Thursday, October 9 - Curriculum Night (7:00 - 7:45)
Friday, October 10 - All School Field Trip to the Zoo
Thursday, October 16 & Friday, October 17 - Student Holidays
Friday, October 31 - Half Day for Students

Now that our Friday gathering finished last week, we are slowly moving forward in many of our studies.

This week I am going to teach students how to play Yahtzee. When it comes to teaching probability, I prefer to do it within the context of games so that students can strategize based on their understanding of probability.

This week we continue to work on creating tables and constructing charts to match our findings. Included in this are mental math strategies for multiplying large numbers.

This week we wrap up our study of weather before we move onto animals, adaptions, and their habitats. Our zoo trip will get this study going.

We are combining punctuation, grammar, and vivid word usage to enhance our writing. By learning various grammatical structures, we are hoping to make our writing more interesting. For instance, this week we learned about participles (-ing verbs placed at the beginning of a sentence). By using participles, we can take a sentence such as "I went to the store." and change it to "Running fast and breathing hard, I went to the store." Many authors use this structure to enhance their writing such as the two authors we have been reading - Scott O'Dell and Lois Lowry.

Social Studies
We have been learning about the different regions of Native Americans and how the natural environment influenced their culture and daily living. We are currently studying the Eastern Woodland's tribes such as the mound builders, Iroquois, and Cherokee. From Native Americans, we will move into the Age of Explorations.

We finished reading Island of the Blue Dolphins. We are moving from historical fiction to the The Willoughby's. This book is hilarious and we are intentionally listening to the language as a means of enhancing our writing.

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