Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Full Week

We had an enjoyable yet, busy first week. Much of our time was getting ready for our first 5th Grade Gathering. Our class decided to spend our gathering time talking about the CFI's Rights and Responsibilities and our school-wide expectations, which we felt fell under those Rights and Responsibilities. Students decided to discuss recess expectations, gathering expectations, carpool expectations, and general expectations. They wanted to discuss these expectations because they felt if everyone was in the same boat concerning these expectations, then this school-wide unity will help contribute to an enjoyable and learning-filled school year.

I have uploaded the video we created.

But our time has not been all gathering. Our time has also been spent on getting used to our new schedule and getting back into the routine of things. For instance, some students and I made a hologram, and this week we should have our citizen science projects chosen. We have also jumped head first into social studies by focusing on the Reconstruction Period.


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