Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Science - Mixtures & Solutions

We have just finished up our study of mixtures and solutions. As we investigated the differences between mixtures and solutions, we also looked at how mixtures and solutions can be separated. The last several days we have worked on separating a mixture of gravel, iron fillings, diatomaceous earth, and salt. The task was to measure all these elements separately, combine them into a mixture, and use a variety of ways to separate the mixture back into its separate parts. Then students were expected to measure these parts again to see if they lost any material. In the pictures, students use a variety of ways to separate including screens, magnets, filters, and evaporation (which is not in the pictures because we are still waiting for full evaporation to take place).

We are all very excited about our trip tomorrow. If anyone is interested, I will sporadically post pictures of your children at camp to our Twitter account, which is found here.

See everyone bright and early tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.

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