Monday, May 23, 2016

Information for This Week

I wanted to get some information to you this week:

1) There will be no more homework this week and next week

2) I am collecting books from students, to return to my classroom library. If you see any of my personal books at your home, could you please return them back to class.

3) Students need to begin thinking about 5th grade speeches for graduation. If they are interested in speaking, they must have their speech completed by this Friday. Students will share their speech on Friday morning. We will announce speakers later that day.

4) Graduation attire: At the very least, boys are expected to wear khaki pants or slacks with a collard shirt; NO tennis shoes. Anything beyond that, such as ties or bow ties, is even better. Girls dress is much more open ended. I think we are asking for no spaghetti straps, or if you are going to wear spaghetti straps, your child should have some kind of sweater covering the straps. If they are wearing high heels, they should begin bringing them to school to practice walking in.

5) I have included some pictures from last week's CFI share fair and the Maker's Faire at EdVenture. I'll try to post more soon. By the way, the class won a Makers Medal of Merit award from EdVenture. Our class had the youngest sharers, and were one of the few maker's groups there (most of the other groups were selling things). I don't know what the medal exactly meant, but I'm glad the class' hard work was recognized.

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