Sunday, April 23, 2017

Brattonsville Field Trip

Next Friday, April 28 is our 4th grade field trip to Brattonsville. If your are not familiar with Brattonsville, it is a 775 acre Revolutionary War site. We will be attending a session on life in the backcountry, eating lunch, then chaperoned groups will have the chance visit the other houses and sites located at Brattonsville. We have specifically created this opportunity for "free time" because there is so much to see, taking two session would not allow us to see all that Brattonsville has to offer. With that said, I wanted to go over a few expectations.

1) First of all, thank you so much for taking the time drive to Brattonsville to chaperone this trip. This is my favorite field trip, and Brattonsville has much to learn from.

2) Chaperoned groups will be small, so you will have only a few kids in your group. Feel free to team up with another group as we tour the grounds. Smaller groups make it easier to tour the houses and trails that are located at Brattonsville.

3) Because we have so many chaperones, I will wander between the groups during our free time. When groups start attaching to me, it makes it difficult to tour the grounds.

4) I ask that all chaperones and students stay for the entire field trip. Please do not leave or take your child home before or after the lunch break.

5) After the field trip, you are more than welcomed to take your child home. Please let me know before you leave or I may end up searching Brattonsville for you : )

6) I would ask that during the field trip, the gift shop is off limits. And please do not buy your group any items from the gift shop (this rule is the same as our zoo trip policy). Once the field trip is over, feel free to hang around Brattonsville with your child and visit the gift shop - just not during the trip.

While I love the Brattonsville field trip, I have had a few issues in the past, and I wanted to share some of my expectations up front so we can have an enjoyable and memorable field trip. If you have any questions, feel free to email.

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