Thursday, September 21, 2017

Things Have Been Busy!!!

In science, we have started our study of continental and oceanic landforms. Students started off by building oceanic landform models out of Legos. Once these models were completed, we built oceanic landforms using dough. These were built inside of a container. We placed skewers through the lid of the container to mimic how oceanographers map the bottom of the ocean using sonar. Each skewer was measured and graphed.

Students building their dough landform model

Completed Lego model

You have probably heard your students talking about their kindergarten buddies. Students are thoroughly enjoying their time working with them. We have spent the last few weeks talking about the reading strategies good readers use when reading texts. During independent reading, students are spending time reflecting on their own strategies. Being cognizant of these reading strategies helps 5th graders better work with their kindergarten buddies during reading. As 5th graders read with their buddies they demonstrate reading habits that foster good reading strategies. We have also spent time discussing how to read with their kindergarten buddies (i.e., tracking the words, book placement). The 5th graders are doing a terrific job of being buddies. They are dearly loved by their kindergarten buddies.

In math we are working on factors, multiples, prime numbers, and square numbers. Students are solving number puzzles using their understanding of these math terms. This is a fun way of coming to understand these terms while further demonstrating their knowledge of multiplication and problem solving.

In writing, students are working on personal pieces of writing. Students must have their writing completed by next week.

As a side note, Ethan and Mark created a Rubik's Cube solver. We will keep this machine up and running for a while so they can show off their work. Here is a video of a Rubik's Cube being solved

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