Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Immigration Simulation / Ecosystem Expert Project

The immigration simulation will take place next Monday, November 13. We will probably start around 12:00 or 12:30. This will run to about the end of school.

Students have chosen their identities for the simulation. Students are either an Ellis Island processor or immigrant. This week students will do some research about their character, make their name tags, look up some words to help them get into character, and study the characteristics of their character.

We have also started discussing our Ecosystem Expert Project. Today we spent time going over the requirements for the expert project and putting in important dates into their agenda books. There are three components to the expert project: students must make a diorama of their ecosystem, then they must make a poster explaining their diorama, then students will write a short narrative about their ecosystem. All parts of the Ecosystem Expert Project are due Tuesday, December 5th.

Students have due dates in their agenda books and will use these books to keep track of their assignment. I will also be sending home the requirements for each part of the expert project.

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