Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scholastic Book Orders

Hi Everyone -
I have set up Scholastic Book orders for the month of September. Here is the link for ordering books:

When I do Scholastic Book orders, I usually use two different catalogs unless the book selection in one catalog is not so good. Arrow book catalog tends to be geared towards 4th - 6th grade.
Tab tends to be geared towards 7th grade and up. I choose these two catalogs because they seem to have a selection of books students are interested in at this age.

Students at CFI love to read and write! I often have readers who read well beyond what might be typical for 4th or 5th graders. Often placing a level on a child's reading stifles the reading process for a particular child because they often lack access to books that might challenge them as readers. This is why I do not believe in choosing books based on a grade level or reading level. When students are interested, really interested in a particular text, they will want to read it. This is the most powerful kind of incentive we can provide for children.

So when choosing books, allow your child to chose books they seem to be truly interested in (of course within a reasonable price). At school I'll provide support to help them read and navigate the text. Also remember, when ordering, our class receives points. I use these points to purchase more books for our classroom library. I will chose books based on what we as a class is interested in so there is always a new selection of reading material to choose from.

Thanks for all your help,
Scott Johnson

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