Friday, October 5, 2012

QR Codes

In preparation for next week's Curriculum Night, most students have finished what I call their "Me-Bricks." This refers to one of the bricks on the wall of the classroom acting as a palette to display information about that child. Besides the child adding items to their brick which reflects who they are as individuals, each brick contains a QR code. This QR code provides more information about the child and what is on their brick.

While some may not know what a QR code is, you have probably seen them. A QR code is a type of barcode in the shape of a square and contains a complicated pattern of blocks and squares. These blocks and squares contain information such as text, a website, phone number, or whatever you would like to add. When read with a camera and the right software, the QR code will display the information contained in the QR code. Some phones contain QR code software while others you need to download. This website has a several links to QR code software for iPhone or iPad (this one is my favorite and have found very successful). This website has several free QR code readers for Android. Any other phone and you may have to do a search online.

Scott Johnson

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