Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updates . . .

It has been a while since I have been able to send out some updates. I apologize for that but as you know, we will be sending narratives out next week. Narratives take a long time to put together but they are a labor of love.

Last week we took a math test that covered addition and subtraction, median, mode, and range. Today, we spent some time going over that test. The point of going over the test is to reflect on what we did correct and what we need to work on. When you receive the test back, please do more than just look at the number correct. Take the time to ask your child if they understand why they scored the points they did or ask them if they understand why they may have marked an answer a particular way. I find this to be the most valuable part of taking any kind of test. When children get a wrong answer, sometimes they can't get pass the fact that it's wrong. We do this as adults. I believe it's important that children reflect on   a particular incorrect answer so they understand what they did wrong in order to make adjustments the next time. This reflect and adjust is an important skill that will benefit your child in numerous ways beyond math.

When you receive the test, please take a look at it, let your child explain how they did, sign it letting me know you looked at it, and return with your child's homework on Thursday.

Scott Johnson

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