Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Little Information for the Coming Week . . .

As we move into our first full week of school, I wanted to share some of what I will be focusing on during this time. I will spending this week trying to get to know your child as a reader, writer, mathematician, and historian. Understanding your child as a learner will help me map out short-term and long-term goals

In math, students are working on some math sheets in place value, additions, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions. As I observe their work, I am noticing their attitudes, how much they take risks, knowledge of basic facts, etc.

In history, I want to understand your child's historical thinking. Do they enjoy reading non-fiction? Historical fiction? Do they understand the importance of primary documents? Do they understand the importance of multiple sources? Are they skeptical, and question the validity of various sources, or do they simply believe everything that is stated?

In reading, I want to know what kinds of strategies your child uses as they construct meaning of the texts they read. I want to find out what kinds of books they enjoy reading, specific genres they gravitate towards, and their general attitude towards reading. I'm looking for similar things in writing. I want to know the kinds of strategies your child uses when they write. I want to know what kinds of writing they tend to write, and their general attitudes towards writing. I also want to look at their spelling and the kinds of spelling strategies they use.

All of this information will give me a quick glimpse into your child as a learner. This will help me respond to the needs of your children as we inquire into the world around us.

* I also want to let you know your child came home with two packets. One packet is from me (sorry I forgot to send this out on the first day of school) and shares a little about myself. The other packet needs to be filled out and returned to school ASAP. This packet can be turned into Mrs. Debeaugrine or myself.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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