Monday, January 9, 2017

Updates for the Week . . .

First of all, thank you for all the wonderful gifts and treats I received before the holiday break. I appreciate every one's kind words and support. I wanted to share a few things we are currently working on, and give you some information on student-led conferences.

Student-led Conferences: Students will begin working on their student-led conferences after the MLK holiday. While the dates are still tentative, we are working on having student-led conferences sometime around February 16 (in lieu of Curriculum Night), 17, and 18 (that's a Saturday). I am trying to come up with several dates to spread conferences around. As we closer, dates and times will be better known.

Reading: We are engaged in a study of characters. We are looking a different characters in books and using evidence from the story to describe the character. While some books blatantly describe a character, in some stories the reader must infer the characteristics of a character based on the story.

Writing: Students have completed analyzing 5 primary documents pertaining to Jamestown, and will begin organizing their thoughts so they can write an expository piece of writing.

Math: We are working on solving one digit by four digit and two digit by two digit multiplication problems using an area model.

Social Studies: We have finished our study of Jamestown and will begin looking at the early English colonies.

Science: We are beginning our study of astronomy by making our own star charts in order to study different constellations.

Have a great week!

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