Sunday, October 7, 2012

Curriculum Night

I'm sure you have all received Center Connections by now but just in case you haven't let me share a few things about Curriculum Night. Curriculum Night is this Thursday, October 11 from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm. The structure of the evening has changed so this is important. Grades K through 2 will meet from 6:15 to 7:00. If you are attending one of these grades at this time, drop off your 4th grader in our class (Mr. Johnson). We are trying to minimize the amount of running around and noise in the gathering areas as well as cutting down on the amount of children coming into each room.

At 7:00 pm until 7:45 pm, Curriculum Night will begin in our classroom. I do not plan on having students share. Since this is our first Curriculum Night together, I view this time more as you getting to know the workings our class. I want to spend time talking with you about our classroom structure, classroom expectations, homework, my expectations for your child, etc. If there are other things you would like me to address, I am open to suggestions.

Scott Johnson


  1. Colby will not be at curriculum night, as he has soccer practice. I will try to stop by after Bennett's class is finished, just to see what's new.